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~Walking Contradiction~ [entries|friends|calendar]
I'm V.

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One step ahead. [13 Nov 2007|09:28pm]
[ mood | rejected ]

If this is an exam, and I'm the only who knows the answer, there would still be a great possibility that I might fail on it.

Coz I don't know the answer.

Well, since I'm the only one who knows the answer, I guess I could just make it up, it doesn't really matter, does it?

But would that make me a cheater?

Let's fix this. Together. [11 Nov 2007|11:10pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

I started the day by visiting the 'sculptures by the sea' in Bondi..and ended the day by visiting my golden triangle book stores.

I am happy to say that I am happy.

Keep in mind that happiness is in the eyes of the beholder.

food and foe [10 Nov 2007|09:10pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Wah ari ini makan enakk..cenenk2..

Syl's bday lunch at Temasek: Kangkong belacan, chili king prawn, assam fish, chicken rice and es cendol! Gila dhe makan ampe ga bisa jalan heiheuhiuh, abis kayanya biasanya porsinya kecil deh tp ternyata ari ini kok gede yah =p

Then I went to my aunt's place, she's just got back from indo, brought me assorted tempe (bacem, rempeyek en tempe teri kacang). woah I love tempee - disini susa bgt nyari yg enak, ada di bagian health section sih..but rasanya asli deh ajaib..so tiap kali ada yg kesini i asked my mom buat nitipin tempe nya hehe. Trus ada otak2 ikan, singkong bumbu ayam kuning en assorted chili fish too. woah I love fish.

Ckck..akhirenya kulkas g isinya ada proper food jg..selaen biasanya cuma ada frozen pies, ice creams and chips 0_o

Btw lucu bgt deh temen g tiba2 tlp dr Melb cuma buat bilang gini 'I went to see some rings today'. So my responded was 'oh is it for you?, congratulations'. Eh dia ngambek heihieuhe...she said I didn't give THE reaction. well what am i supposed to say? They've been going out for more than a year, so i guess it's normal if the bf proposed her...rite? anyway it turned out she just wanted to prank me..doh..i really can't see why though..

oh well. enuf to make me ktawa ampe cakit peyut...

Hello Buddy! [09 Nov 2007|10:42pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

I am a lucky person. I have an eating out buddy, drinking buddy, church buddy, holiday buddy, movie buddy, book buddy, gym buddy, shopping buddy, music buddy, email buddy, msn buddy, concerts buddy, mature-talk only buddy, crazy buddy, and buddy buddy.

So finally I had a proper catch up with this long lost buddy over a sex on the beach and a cosmopolitan. Details that she shared, made me realized we're adults now, like it or not.

We stopped talking about the past. We started talking about the futures. Which I am a lil scared of. But can't deny, my excitement overlapped my fear. You hear that? I am talking about my futures now. I wouldn't write the details here for what we've planned. But when the time comes, I will reveal all the jazz..

Earlier on the day, I got freaked out that I (once again) left my eyeliners at home. My other buddy walked 7 blocks and delivered it to my work place. Like how good is my buddy? You tell me.

I can't help but wonder.
What happened if they didn't know me?
What happened if I didn't know them?
My life would not be called 'my life' anymore, that's for sure.

And I began to wonder who are my 5 people I'll meet up there..

[04 Nov 2007|12:06am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm being good. I've finished unpacking, done calling ma mamma and ma pappa, and...uploaded some of the photos!

Most photos have been uploaded in my facebook, feel free to add me if you wanna view it.

Only uploaded a couple in friendster - facebook has better features =p

Later folks.

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Aloha aloha! Aloha! (read: Hello love! Bye!). [03 Nov 2007|09:33am]
[ mood | calm ]

My 6 days holiday filled with 2 full-day tours, catching inter-island flights (total wasted time in the airport exceed my time spent on the beach), and one full day dedicated to visit the waikele shopping outlet which cost us the USD $65 cab fare one way (so worth it - grabbed myself 4 pair of shoes - 2 BCBG, 1 guess and 1 nine west for the cost of less than $200!).

Some of my fav Hawaiian moments:
1. Sunset at Lahaina beach. We took like a hundred photos just in one spot. I suspected the total photo taken for the holiday for the 4 of us could reach more than a thousand. -I have no idea how we'll gonna post it, but don't worry I'll find a way somehow-.
2. The Halloween night in Waikiki! It's just mad, wild and amazing. Everyone's just get into the spirit. We regretted that we didn't take a part to wear the costumes (kapan lagi gitu loh legalised buat belaga gila??). MAC offered to do the face mask if we bought a product more than $50 on that day. What a shame, we've just bought our mac stock the day before (with the total of almost $500 - $200 alone for myself). This is my first experience of the real Halloween. Can't wait to experience more, and next time I will def prepare myself better!
3. The Pearl Harbor. I'm not an American nor a Japanese. But I've always put an interest in world wars. Reading the book and watching the movies are obviously not the same. Visiting the actual site gave me a mixture feeling, mostly kinda sad..
4. The black sand beach, the blowhole, the hanauma bay, the waterfall, and all the natures are just so breathtaking. I am actually finding a hard time to pick one fav. Simply put, I love it all. Maybe except for the tipping rule (at least 15% of tipping is mandatory!). But yeah having a chance to chat with some of the locals opened my eyes that they have a very low salary with a very high living cost. So I guess the tipping is just about to make it fair.

Some of my food moments:
1. Eating one tube of Ben and Jerry's ice creams (NY chunk) on the bed (without the paranoia I might spill something) while watching South Park and Conan O'Brien late TV show. I feel so Americana.
2. We had dinner at Bubba Gump. Twice. Enough said. They should consider to open a franchise here!!
3. When I found snickers ice creams, dark chocolate snickers, and a mix bag of doritos, I started considering moving to states.
4. And omg they make peanut butter so easy to find. Everything has a pb flavor. brownies, ice creams, chocolate...damn right I ate it all. Okay maybe moving to states would be a bad idea.

So yeah there goes my holiday for this year. It's exhausting and due to the scattered rain and our full timetables, we failed to burn ourselves down under the Hawaiian sun. But witnessing the rainbow every time the rain vanished was just priceless (the rain usually only went for 5 mins, so that's lots of rainbows for us to witness).

Whenever I got 'where do you come from' question in holiday, I always thought it's such a hassle to answer it. They rarely satisfied with my answer. They wanted to know why I have an OZ accent with chinese face but speaking Indo with my friends. Doh.
But in Hawaii, everyone is a mix. I wondered how long it took them to answer that kinda question. One local that we've met has a Spanish - Chinese dad with a Hawaiian - Jap mom, having American accent and a sexy look. Ouch.

Alrighty. Back to home. Back to work. Back to reality. Back to the cc bills. Back to Sydney's weird weather.

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Kiss and Tell. [25 Oct 2007|03:05pm]
[ mood | working ]

Anyhoe, 10 more working hours and I'm off to Hawaii :)

Must be my PMS #2 [24 Oct 2007|09:03pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I got sick with these questions.
1. why you don't have a bf?
2. when are you gonna get married?
3. are you looking for a gf?

I hope they got sick with my answers too.
1. i don't know why. if i knew, i've already popped out my second kid by now.
2. see above.
3. no i am not. but maybe i should, it's probably easier.

Like seriously, can't you all just minding your own business?
I hate friendster.

Must be my PMS [24 Oct 2007|02:03pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i'm gonna make it go away, like it never happened
like the author ran out of ink, before you got to me
it doesn't matter, you have your answer
my breath upon yer hand
my breath upon yer hand
cos we're never far from another life
but i never wanted to make you spend the night
with yer loneliest thoughts
will you come around this time
will i be left here

ooh, love

when so proudly we fail and all the optimists sing
"yeah, we'll be that far"
when we'll be that far behind
it's the drug distraction
they'll scream when i kick

but for every moment that i get too close
to the faceless void from which i stumbled
it's only because my heart swells over
and i misinterpret it, i dwell on my failures
cos i had parents who taught me to love
yeah, love was something
they never knew
they never cared about you anyway
a hope vicarious, a captive audience

even the people that you call your friends
can fuck you over in the subtlest ways
it'll be your comfort that you're always alone
they never cared about you anyway
they never cared / they never care so much
as when you've lost your way
fire and brimstone where they lay me
heaven help us for a way to get out of here

ooh, love

DVD Marathon [21 Oct 2007|08:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Lil fact of me, I don't watch TV. But I could watch DVDs like there's no tomorrow. I've been watching DVDs for almost 10 hours in a row..2 movies and random old episodes of GA, SATC, Friends and Will & Grace.

Next, 7 out of 10.
Cage is a champion for action movies. Don't think he's good looking, but he's definitely know what he's doing in movies. Action or romance, he's da king. Oh and Moore, I think she's the most beautiful redhead I've ever seen. Shame she dyed her hair in this movie, but I swear she's always been really good with guns. She made me want to take a shooting class..And about Biel, hm..she..has a perfect body. I hardly recognized her from the old days of seventh heaven. Is she good at acting? Hm..again I would say she has a killer body.

Please teach me English, 8.5 out of 10.
Must be one of the funniest Korean movies I've ever seen. I think it's very original and truly entertaining (no one dies because of leukemia is a plus too). And mm..this movie makes me want to learn tap dancing. Hohoho.

My friends just lent me a stack DVDs that I'm sure it must have been categorized by gender. The boy gave me like 10 action movies (don't think I want to watch them all, seriously not a fan of action movies! I haven't watched transformers. And will not watch die hard period). And the girl gave me a stack of Korean movies. And guess what I like more? Yay, I'm a girl after all. Surprise surprise..

OH I can't wait for GA season 4 to come out!! But you know what they say, old days are better. True..I definitely love the old episodes of friends better =p

Help - I hurt my eyes!

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Erase/ rewind. [21 Oct 2007|12:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

In spite of my shitty mood on Friday morning, I managed to push myself to go out. And it worked. I felt so tired by the time I reached home so I wouldn't have much time to feel crappy anymore. Besides I've had a whole day plan for Sat so yea I could say, my weekend has a happy ending. Yes as always there are heaps of moments that I'd prefer not to have, but hell, it's been done.

The love highlights:
- Found a super amazing bookstore in Glebe. I love bookstore. It moves me. in many random directions.
- Tried the new San Churro in Glebe. Love their baci thing. Hm..noticed there are more choco places came out to surfaces. Darn.
- Watched Nagabonar jadi 2. Love it. Superb casting and soundtracks. Deddy Mizwar's best performance! Tora Sudiro kicks ass as usual. Watching an indo movie with indo friends always brought up some old memories. Regardless the age differences, we're all born in Indo, met here by chance, but still we remember how it felt to attend the Monday ceremony agenda, that the chicken noodle in front of our school is just simply the best. argh. Why most of us living in the past? It certainly doesn't make the life to be easier. Oh I really want to see the first Nagabonar, but it's released in 1987, I doubt it I could find it in the market easily.
- Karaoke. I might have an awful voice. But hey if you still can make your friends to pay to listen to your awful voice, then bravo.
- I decided not to do anything today. Except the cyber activities of course, facebook, lj, friendster. It's kinda wrong to stay in bed in this lovely weather, but oh well. It's not like everyday I have a chance to be a lazy bum anyway *self justification rules*

oh oh astaga! [19 Oct 2007|01:53pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

astaga! g kesel loh! en kalo g kesel, makannya jadi super banyakkk *yep lebi banyak drpd biasanya yg memang sudah banyak*

astaga! jumat gitu loh..masa sih g kesel ari jumat? ga rela abisss!!

In terms of music. [17 Oct 2007|03:42pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

1. Never listen to Buble in the morning, especially when you're already late. It makes your move 10 times slower than normal..

2. The last thing that you need to do as an old fart, is going to a rave party. But hell, I've just bought the MOS ticket..

3. Note: Must buy miss saigon ticket before holiday.
Edit: Damn, gara2 kemaren ragu2 mulu mo beli apa kaga, skr tmn2 g dah pd ga available! mm..anyone interested?

Life couldn't get any better if you can mix and match the beans.

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Anger is a source of energy. [16 Oct 2007|09:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

I almost skipped the gym again today, but I'm glad that I didn't. I felt so much better after I went out from the class. I love kicking and punching!! No..I'm not a violent person, but I just always had this fantasy to be involved in a street fight hehe =p. I think I always into material arts since I was a kid (thanks to my dad). And being indecisive in such a tender age, I was also into dancing (thanks to my mom). And unfortunately, you could only choose to be a fierce fighter or a decent dancer. So there's just one point that I decided I don't want to choose anything and just stopped being active and yes that's the day I became fat -_-


Oh btw I can't be bothered to go to china town looking for the opor so I just bought an Indian take away, at least sama2 ayam en pake santen jg hehe..yeah just like the old proverb says "tiada akar rotan pun jadi" *dasar pemalas kamyu!*

I'm not actually a big fan of coconut milk, but it's just happened that every Idul Fitri I got the urge to eat opor and ketupat! That's just how I grew up, we always had a big celebration for Idul Fitri..*another good excuse to have plenty of food =p*

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Random rants - as usual. [16 Oct 2007|10:27am]
[ mood | restless ]

Bloody bogong. When the hell are they gonna leave the town? I'm paranoid enough without the need to shake my clothes every 5 seconds in case they're attached to my oh so bright color shirt. It's too hot to wear a dark color and it's def attracting that creepy creatures wearing bright colors..

Untung skr rambut g dah bisa disisir coba kalo wkt itu, mrk nyelip di rambut g, i wouldn't even know sih. eew. the thought of it made me having a goosebumps..

anyway. coffee. i'm proud to say that now i can make my own coffee. hehe and that's a lot of saving i tell ya!! dulu tiap kali coba bikin kopi sendiri pasti rasanya super ajaib en mo gamao g buang..but these couple of days i must have practiced hard enough..a colleague could drink my self-made coffee and she looked fine. (or she's really good at pretending, who cares yay for me!).

food. opor. I'm craving for opor ayam!! checked the recipe from the internet earlier, doesn't look so hard. (besides the instant spices always available from the indo's store) but hey..i asked myself..do i really want to put myself in the kitchen mess just for a bowl of opor? no! exactly. well maybe i will try to cook it someday when i have a proper kitchen (yes..i'm thinking to move out again, not that i'm enjoying packing my clothes every 6 months, buy hey i gotta do what i gotta do =p).

well nothing much really, i just want to type shit. like literally.

sigh. why things change when you don't want it to change? but stay the same when you expect it to change? blah.

btw minal aidin yah semuanya =)

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makan + tidur = hepi (tp ndut?) [14 Oct 2007|11:04pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

my friend messaged me at 3am to have a jog on the beach, i successfully ignored his message. i am determined not to leave the bed until dinner time. around 2pm another friend sent a similar message, pursuing me to have jog. hm..apparently people around me agreed i need to have a jog. tsk, can't they at least be more subtle??

at 4pm, one of them called and said he's downstairs already. so i reluctantly get off from the bed but managed to have a good deal. we'll walk to surry hills festival, nothing more nothing less. it's around 20-25 mins walk so i can count it as an enjoyable exercise. man..i just love festival. like totally love it. food. music. dogs. people. sunglasses. random. sun. grass. love love love. and yes ice creams..

went back home for a quick shower. that turned out to be not so quick one. i supposed to meet up with my friends and go out clubbing (don's ask. just one of my mental block days that made me agreed to anything), but since we've wasted so many hours couldn't decide where to go, i've lost my mood to go out. so we just ended up relaxing at mickeys. well actually i ended up at mickeys, the rest...they're still go out. that's ok. i love mickeys. and i've already a whole day plans for tomorrow, hence skipping the club would be a wise decision.

i am getting wise. 3 messages this morning 'lucky u didn't come, the club sucks'. hehe. ok..now let the new adventure begin. my fav part. culinary tour. heading to cabramatta to have special pork chop lunch (gosh i was starving, skipped breakkie to bring out all the pets in my tummy, mana tmn g pake acara nyasar lagii aaarghhh). waffle pandan. air tebu. pisang goreng. sweet potato chips. pisang ketan. kue pasar. woohoo.

ok so full..so we decided to have a walk in paramatta westfield. yg co misah cari electronic. yg ce...mm..makan eskrim?? dashyat. went back to my friend's place. yg co maen games. yg ce...err..molor?? ok deh.

woke up right on (dinner) time. heading to strathfield for korean bbq at bassim. the best marinated beef i've ever had!! top abis deh, madang lewat!! a friend casually said..enak nih kalo makan eskrim? err...my biggest temptation, pls go away? phew. dah ga bisa masuk apa2 so pengen pun useless hehe

and..now time to molor again hohoho

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Boys will be boys. [13 Oct 2007|10:44am]
[ mood | calm ]

He said: Girls like bad boys. They always come back no matter how bad the guy treats them.
I stood up, walked out of the door and never looked back.
I was thinking how tiny is the box he's been living in?

The reason I'm still talking to you like a normal human being is because I am mature enough to acknowledge people make mistakes. I make mistakes to know you but then life goes on. It doesn't mean I'm into you, dumb ass.

Okay, energy wasted to write this down, but I have to let it out from my chest.

Hm...let me think about something more interesting.
Ah, I went to donate my blood for the first time yesterday! (It's a good excuse to eat more hehe). It's a quite long process, it took me a total of 70 mins for the whole process, almost 45 minutes for the interview since it was my first time (and I thought we just had to fill the form, grab a needle and woohoo that's it?).

Funny thing (in other words I was actually quite disappointed), in the middle of the progress, my blood stopped to flow into the bag, so the nurse called it off only for the half of the bag. Oh well anyway, it's still a good experience :)

Btw they made a beautiful job in Hyde Park for the food market. I was almost decided not to come due to the weird weather but I'm glad that I went. Love the lights and the crowd. And yes the food too..

I LOVE CALENDER GIRLS. been listening to it religiously for this past week.
Oh happy weekend people!

Living in a perfectly ugly world. [11 Oct 2007|09:24am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

What's on news recently?
Another random shooting at a school. Another priest got caught molested a boy. Another serial killer wanted alive. Seriously. This world is just getting uglier.

And it's not a secret anymore that the city has been invaded by moths. I have a strong dislike towards insects. any kind. I categorized butterfly and dragonfly to be part of insects too. They might have more beautiful colors but that doesn't mean I have a spot for them in my heart. Well they said the crowd will leave the town next week, moga2 aja beneran. Ga kaya weather forecast yg salaaa muluuu.

Net ref: http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/bogong-warning-dont-yawn/2007/10/11/1191696054753.html

But anyway apart from my rant above, I actually feel pretty content. Things surprisingly went pretty good so far. I guess the more you see the world as an ugly place, the more beautiful your life would be. Doesn't make sense? No worries. Life is too short to apply all the senses.

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For the unsaid things.. [04 Oct 2007|10:23pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

So they said things happened when you least expect it. Well definitely couldn't argue with that. You know one of these days I think I will scream on the street. Without any apparent reason. Just because I want to. I need to. No need to argue.

Oh but anyway let's just talk about my fav topic, food..
Just got back from Sushi Tei - dinner, lucky I didn't come for the lunch. The food took forever. The pictures are misleading. They still charged for the wet tissue too! Indo's sushi tei is the best. At least the wet tissue is only gopek..haha

I had sushi for dinner yesterday, sushi for lunch and dinner too today. And I don't even eat raw fish! Hm..does it mean I could live just by eating eels and prawns? yum..

God, You know I love them right? and I know You know I'm not talking about the food.

And the list goes on.. [04 Oct 2007|02:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Adding to the previous list.

One got divorced. One got an affair. One got a secret engagement. One got pregnant.

Information overloaded.

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