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Sharing is Caring. Or that's what they said..

Work has been busy and busy. I guess it's good in a way but on the other hand I kinda missed my good old days..I even had a dream last night that I took back my old job, how sad is that.

And oh in being random, I know I might not be the best position to say this, but I wonder how often could people change their mind?
I'm aware that I could be indecisive sometimes, but most of the things that I've put so much considerations are actually the small stuff. (Do I have to wash my hair this morning or later at night, which shoes I have to wear, should I get the chop chili or the normal chili, etc etc). You know just stuff that make you raise both of your eyebrows or just simply annoyed.

But I guess I just want to make a statement, that I do know what I want in the bigger picture. Sure I throw a random poll now and then but I know at the end of the day, I'm still the one who has the last say and I do try to work out the best I can to reach that 'say'.

Oh well, that's it..I thought that I just wanna give a lil update that I still exist in this beautiful LJ world. And a lil thank you note for all of you that've already been there since day one to see my ups and downs..(it's been 5 years now can you believe it?!). You betta..coz there would be so much more to come ;)
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