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Golden gay time

I've just realized now I don't have many gay friends as I used to anymore. Some of them left the country. Some of them are 'busy' and the rest are just M.I.A.

So it was quite a good surprise when BC called me today for a catch up drinks at his place. He's just got back from 5 weeks holiday and got so many juicy stories to share. FYI juicy is literally juicy in gay world. Things even got juicier when his flatmate joined us, damn I can't remember when was the last time I hung out with them. Good time. I thought I'd only stay for a drink, but as always, they've always managed to make my stay longer than the plan.

Oh I miss you guys, sorry I couldn't join the after drink party. A woman who suffered from period cramp shouldn't drink too much whiskey. That's just the rule. Sucks I know.

Wew. I still am a gay magnet. I thought I've lost it.
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