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The perfect Sunday errands..

I might not get a chance to do this every Sunday, but today I've been privileged to tick everything on my list. So..here we go:

1. Get up late. Sunday, the only day I could let myself to wake up late..
2. Stayed on bed doing nothing until my tummy made funny sounds.
3. Laundry. (Gah..!)
4. Visiting my fav bookstore to pick a random book - while waiting for my laundry. Oh have I told you they've changed the name of the bookstore and renovated the insides too? well they took away my fav couch but they made a new seat by the window so I can't complaint. It's a purple window too!! How wonderful. There I spent 2 hours reading Too many men by Lily Brett. Quite an interesting book, but I believe the book itself has only little to do with the title.
5. Church (yes, church. this is the perfect sunday remember?)
6. People watching at CQ. Oh and I also met this singer again. This is my second time I heard her singing, and I'm still amazed! It's her voice. It's the opera house background. It's the tourists. It's the birds. It's the Sunday! It's just perfectly amazing..
7. 2 scoops of ice-creams. Yep, can't miss them out.

Tomorrow will be my first day going back to work again..ugh..
Good night.
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