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The eternity of the bitter sweet..

I refused to pay $17 just to watch Enchanted!! But my friend really wanted to watch it and I got no plans today. So I agreed to watch it as long I could sneak in for a second movie, which in this occasion was the sequel of National Treasure. Well not that I was interested to see it either, I don't even know what's the full title of the movie, but still at least I didn't spend $17 just to watch a fairytale in the cinema (great way to start the new year hey? =p)

Well it is as cheesy as I expected. The witch. The prince. The princess. The kiss. The happy ending. But oh well..as I said, it has been expected before so I can't really complaint about it.

But then it triggered this convo again. The big question of having a happy ending in the real life. My friend's suggestion for my 2008 NY resolution: to start believing in happy ending.
In my defense: 1. I don't do NY resolution. 2. Even in the movies, sometimes the princess has to save her own ass, and maybe someone else's ass too. 3. Hello, this is 2008? get real.

But well you know what, maybe there is a happy ending. It's just not in the same form that we expected it to be. As time goes by, the happy ending changes. And I guess that's the fun part, to be involved in deciding our own happy ending.

Damn it. Sometimes I just hate this responsibility to be a grown up. To realize life is not a fairytale. The tolerance you have to give to other people just to be exist in this world. The secrets you have to keep. The bill that you have to pay. The this the that, it sometimes is just too much. But then you talked to someone whom you thought will never encounter any issues in their life, then you realized you're not alone. Everyone has their own issues. Everyone, including this person who's just bought a $50,000 bag (yes they do exist apparently). Everything changes. Everyone changes. Whether they want it or not. Whether they like or not. There are too many things in this life that you don't have control over. But again...I guess that's just another fun part..

So..this time, I do want to believe in the happy ending. And you know what they said, when you believe, it'll happen. (really?) Okay..one step at a time..

I'm not gonna give up rambling, that's for sure, so warning: as much as I want to share my happiness in this beautiful life, this LJ will still contain more of my random venting moments. Yeh you know what they said again, old habits are hard to break. (but I didn't say it's impossible! ahh...optimism, wee!)
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