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My December..

Dec must be the shortest month in the year! (well technically Feb is, but this is my lj yo!)

I don't have a clue where the first 13 days of Dec went!! I even haven't started my xmas shopping..(talking about the art of procrastination hey?)

Also I have nominated the 22nd of Dec to be my busiest day in this year.
I have lunch engagement party, xmas/ farewell dinner party and a birthday night out. I wonder if I could use only one dress for all the occasions..

Or is it just a lame excuse to grant myself another dress?
(hey I got 3 engagements and 1 wedding and 2 birthdays and 3 xmas parties in 3 weeks time!!). argh. what to wear. what to wear..

btw capeq dah..
dah capeq2 dandan eh ujaan..ga bawa payung pulaq..busuq dahh!
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