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The first and the cliche..

1. Well yg ini rada cliche sih, but i really ate too much this sincia! mana yg kemaren sincia ala indo nya digabung ama anak nya temen g bday lagi..gila dah..bener2 food kingdom!! sigh..kapan g diet nya oh ibu bapaaakk!!

2. Travel! hehe i started to plan my next trip for this year. It'll be only a small trip though. The original plan was Korea, Japan, Singapore/ KL, and Indo. But looking at my saving I think I'll pass Japan this time. But it's still a 'woohoo I can't wait' trip, I've never been to Korea!! But since that trip is still 6 months away, at the mean time I'll focus to plan my first camping trip to Jervis Bay for the Easter holiday =)

3. My friend has just asked me to be her Godparent! whoah that would be my first time to be anyone's godparent. Whoah I feel so mature now hehe
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