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Glorious food over the weekend..

Took the Last Train to Bombay for my friend's birthday dinner. What a catchy name hey? Beautiful food and wonderful service (Note: I don't normally give a generous comment based on the past bad experiences with Indian). But yes, I definitely will come back for this one.

What could be more American than burger and fries? (yeh no chips for them). Had a lovely lunch with ce_no1 at Bite Me, followed by a quick stroll to Paddo's market. Unfortunately the weather was not too friendly, but next time we should meet up longer yah Hil! (and sisqa, lain kali ikutan ya! how's yesterday's shopping btw?)

The Barrio. Cool funky resto with delicious food!! We booked the hallway for the dinner, which connected us straight to the bar. Very unique decor, very...different. Hehe or maybe different not the quite right word to use. mm..erotic? =p

Oh the resto gave us the fresh strawberry cake and a complimentary salt and pepper squid dish for ruining our gelato birthday cake. Buy hey it's all good, the gelato's still..edible. By edible I mean 20 people still tried to slurp the half melting gelato straight from the box..

It is hard to find a good Thai resto without queuing these days, especially at dinner time. Let alone queuing in Spice I am for 9 people. But patience is virtue my friend..

Where's the Indo food? Hm..I got 3 rissoles for the snacks so there you go =p
Ergh..I think I'm still full until now..

AS IF!!!
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