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Things that I'm good at

- My boss fixed my mobile! He's a CHAMPION. He is I tell ya. I gave him a big hug and a santa clause hat :)
- My cousin will try to fix my laptop in indo. I've booked the dinner for us at Kingsleys, but at the end he took all the bill hehe. He's the best cousin I tell ya. I don't have an elder bro but I always wanted to have one. But really he's just the best bro I could ever ask for. He always there for me when I need him (including 2 am call when I was still in high school and tried to sneak out on saturday nite hehe). Gonna miss him when he's going back to indo on wed..
- My friend will try to fix my towel holder hehe..have no idea how I did it, but I've managed to make a big hole on my bathroom wall. My agency wouldn't be happy to see it. and I don't think I'm gonna be happy to see the bill too. So finger cross my friend could perform his magic show tomorrow.

So yes that's the thing I'm good at. BREAKING STUFF. And making friends with people who are good at fixing it :)
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