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Weekend update

My mobile seemed to have a sixth sense that I'm gonna replacing it soon. Its screen just suddenly went blank. Not sure what happened there, I still can receive calls but the screen is just..dead. Hence I can't retrieve all of my contact numbers!! WTH. well I did try to sync it to the computer. But now that I'm using Vista, the program has became incompatible (aaagrhh stoopid vista!). Lucky my friend lent his spare phone so I can still communicate with the world..

Watched Blades of Glory. I swear I didn't pick this. Well I laughed a lot, mostly because half times of the movie I can't stop thinking 'why did I need to watch this again?'
After all it's a good silly laugh. That's the joy when you had no expectation whatsoever.

The next day was better, we watched the premiere of Hunting and Gathering (Ensemble, c'est tout). I mean it's better from yesterday. I didn't say it's good. Well it's not a bad movie either, but I've seen Taotou's better movies. That's the agony when you had an expectation. 6.5/10.

oh the 2007 Annual Tour Ministry Of Sound last night..was...M.A.D
Imagine the feeling of you having your second day of period and dancing all night long (10pm - 6 am) with thousand of people in a warehouse. If you can't, ask me...I know exactly how it feels.
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